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Instructional Design

eLearning Development 



Articulate Storyline 

Project Type 

Microlearning course 

Project goal

To create a course using the new Rise microlearning course format feature. Microlearning courses should only address one to two learning objectives.  The objective of this sample course was to demonstrate the impact of food on blood glucose levels. I used the content in this microlearning sample from a longer course I created for the American Diabetes Association. I teased my client that I should be much healthier after working on several courses with them!

Design Approach

I wanted to create an interesting visual demonstration for the learner about how blood glucose rises over time based on food choices. For example, salmon doesn't increase blood glucose as high as macaroni does.

Click-and-reveal designs often get a bad rap for not being exciting, but they can be fun and effective for learning. 


The learner clicks each of the foods on the table and the blood levels rise in the chart to the right.

Salmon Table Image.png

While this course is created in Rise, all the interactive activities except this one (tabbed interaction) were created in Articulate Storyline and embedded in Rise. I applied my theme and style guide to both tools to create a seamless look and feel.

Tabbed Interaction.png

I had a lot of fun finding images and creating meal ideas (with my SMEs' help) to create this slider. When you move the slider, various meals appear on the placemat, ranging from very nutrient-dense to least nutrient-dense. 

Slider Interaction.png

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