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About Me

Why I do what I do

Hello, I'm Kandice!

I'm an unapologetic learning enthusiast

Creating eLearning courses and programs is my passion and strength.  I have 12 years of experience developing eLearning programs and resources for healthcare professionals in pathology, laboratory science, epilepsy, neurology, and endocrinology. 


As a senior learning leader, I've overseen the design and development of digital learning initiatives and programs, managed teams, operationalized learning strategies, and streamlined workflows and processes.

My superpower is collaborating with SMEs to create strong courses and programs despite their busy schedules. Having built my skills working with time-pressed surgeons, doctors, and medical directors,  I use creative project and time management strategies to get results without compromising the project scope or deadlines. 

Having been a successful one-person eLearning team, I love blogging and sharing at conferences proven strategies, tips, and tools to support other learning leaders.


Want to talk more about what I do and how I can help you with your learning strategy and projects?

Contact me.


Ready to learn how I can help?

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