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eLearning Development 


Articulate Storyline 

Project Type 

Course/activity Redesign

Project goal

This is a practice activity created in Articulate Storyline from an older course that I redesigned. The client wanted to keep the content and the character image (Joan). However, they felt the activity was too long and that it wasn't accessible. In addition to those updates, I offered to overhaul the visual design a bit as well while keeping the character and content. 

Design Approach

First, I noticed that all the slides used the same blurry blue background despite the details in the text description. I changed the graphics to align with the text description. 


Joan Work_Before.png
Tabs Before.png


Joan After.png
Joan Work_After.png
Tabs After.png

 Second, I changed the color theme to match the rest of the courses in the series. 

Finally, I combined some of the slides into slide layers within the Storyline file to address the length. I also split the activity into three separate scenes.


The file was to be embedded into a Rise course. To shorten it as the client requested, I published each of the scenes separately creating three activities rather than one.  I added dividers with reflection questions between each activity.

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