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Instructional Design

eLearning Development 


Articulate Storyline 


Project Type 

eLearning Course

Project goal

This course teaches new physicians and advanced practice providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) about various medications to treat and manage epilepsy. This is what I call a "knowledge-heavy" course. The goal is to increase the learners' knowledge of various medications so that they can prescribe the correct medicine. I enjoyed working with the SMEs on this project. They were enthusiastic and open to ideas for supporting the learners.

Design Approach

While it's true that physicians are used to learning and reading a lot of material, I still wanted to add strong visual elements and interactivity to the course to balance the volume of material. I created buttons that revealed pertinent information for each drug. I also included a glossary and abbreviation of terms in the menu.

Medicines Slide.png

To make it a bit more engaging (and fun), I created several animated videos and GIFs in Vyond.  I used Vyond's text-to-speech feature for the voiceover and added captions and markers when I embedded the course in Storyline. 

The course introduction depicts one of the SMEs explaining how medication mechanisms of action function to treat epilepsy. I used an image of one of the SMEs to create the character in Vyond.

Note: The SME got a huge kick from this animated version of herself!

Vyond Intro Character.png

Doctors respond to patient problems, so I collaborated with the SMEs to write patient case studies for each medication group. I ensured that they included the personal, professional, and social impact of epilepsy in the case study. Based on each scenario, I created a GIF in Vyond that depicted the patient's lifestyle challenge.  

Patient Scenarios_GIFs.png

The SMEs had excellent test questions they wanted to include. In this example, I devised a fun way to test how to add medication combinations using a pick-many activity.  I tend to avoid drag-and-drop activities since learning that they are not accessible.

Medicine Activity Correct_edited.jpg

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